12 tips…


Hello guys, I’m back. 

Since I’m a very sensitive gurl/lady/woman, I would like to share 12 tips to slowly change this kind of sensitive people. 
Thanks to my hosmate yang baru 9 bulan duduk serumah tapi boleh figure out macam mana perangai aku dan boleh deal/ handle/ treat me differ from others. 

1- take charge of your own happiness 

2- avoid people and situations that drain your energy 

3- get enough sleep

4- give yourself time and space to be alone

5- spend time in nature

6- talk about your feelings to those who understand

7- focus on, listen to, watch things that make you happy 

8- dont try to fit in

9- seek out kindred spirits

10- set boundaries, not brick walls

11- embrace your feelings instead of blocking them 

12- realize that you are not broken

This video is really for me. I’m not ekceli cried but my eyes ‘berair’ watching this. 

This means so much and it helps a lot.

No more tears after this especially over small things, insyaAllah. 

Take a deep breath, chin up, and ready to face the world.

Nur Imanina, thanks for sharing and tagging me to watch this video. 
I love you, the way you love me.

Terima kasih kepada semua yang masih setia bersama aku saat suka dan duka, baran dan sabar, air tenang dan ombak bergelora.

Moga Allah jagakan kalian untuk aku.


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