Gigi palsu


Next Sunday,
Next paper is Removable Partial Denture (RPD).

Buku 1: Complete Denture

Complete denture dibina/dibuat untuk mereka2 yang kehilangan kesemua gigi. So, to restore their function for mastication (makan) and speech (bercakap) also for esthetic (kecantikkan). We, as a dentist gonna design two complete denture for them, one for maxillary (atas) and one for mandibular (bawah).

Buku 2: Partial Denture.

Partial denture dibina untuk mereka2 yang separuh gigi masih ada dan separuh yang lain dah tiada. So dentist akan amik impression (replika/acuan gigi) sesorang pesakit, dan start design a removable partial denture.
Removable means, patient can easily insert and remove (pakai dan buang). Contohnya time tido, patient boleh tanggalkan. Contohnya lepas makan, dan nampak macam something terlekat, boleh tanggalkan bertujuan untuk bersihkan.


Tadaaa! Cause for the first time in forever *Anna-Frozen* I have made my own complete denture with my own hands okay ! Actually, tugas dentist hanya untuk design, list semua requirements, materials yang perlu untuk patient tersebut. Dan next tugasan, lab technician yang akan buat sampai siap.

But, like our Dukturah said: As a dentist, you have to know the whole thing about denture.

Maksudnya kena tawu dari A sampai Z.

It’s not about you just create a design, design and only design. But you have to know:

– what’s shape/size of teeth for woman, man patient.
– what’s colour of teeth you will choose for young, old patient.
– what’s material you gonna choose with patient who allergic on this material.
– what you have to do to maintain the centric occlusion.
– what you wanna do to provide it’s retention and resistance.
– what you will do if the denture undergo fracture during its function.

Dan lain-lain.

It’s sound like interesting. But, what we have in theories, we should apply in our practical.

I won’t make my patients suffer when she/he wears my denture.

I wanna restore her/his normal function like before.

Kegembiraan pesakit, kepuasan hati doktor dentist. Bahaha ! 

The cast with the pink wax (dalam gambar) is called as modification for partial denture. That pink wax show the edentulous area (kawasan tak bergigi). So we will think and start to design. So, the green one is how we design it.

My writing stop here. As usual, do #pray4NajaaAjlaaZainuddin

May Allah bless. Byebye 🙂


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