Presentation of Fiqh.

On the spot, we got such a tough one topic/question from Dukturah Mona.

Within 5 minutes discussion, we gotta present in front of colleges.

Then, the question is sounds like:
Misconception, by Dr Zakir Naik in Bombay, India.
Islam subjugates women in a veil.

So here, we were: Atiqah, Me, Haliah

With our loud voice, we are presented one by one.

Started with Atiqah as introduction:

If we look at history, women are very oppressed one and no individual merit.

We can see that Babylions, Egyptians used to punish women/wives for their husband’s mistakes. While Ancient Arab buried their newly born female baby.

Me: After Islam came, Islam uplifted the status of women. Islam gave women the right which they never had before.

In surah an-Nisa’ *I’m not remember which verse/ayat*, we found that Allah ask believing men to lower their gaze when there are women passing by. That ayat not only pointed to men, but same goes to women. We should lower our gaze when stranges men are around.

Allah also speak about Hijab in His Holy Quran, which hijab will give protection to our modesty either men or women.

Hijab for men, minimally cover from navel to knees.

And for women, cover all over the body except face and wrists.

Haliah: how should be the condition of that hijab ?
1) must cover the endowment
2) not tight
3) not transparent
4) not similar to other religious
5) not similar to other gender

Atiqah: As a conclusion, hijab prevent us from molested and mischief.

Zenkiyu (read: thank you) 🙂

Persoalan: Semua orang boleh cakap “lower your gaze/ turunkan pandangan” bila lelaki atau perempuan ajnabi jalan depan mata, tapi berapa orang yang berjaya “lower your gaze”.

Mari sejenak kita bermuhasabah.


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